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Episode 3: Mexico, Part 1. A more United States?

We are back with another fascinating conversation about Democracy In... Mexico.

(Which, I recently discovered, is actually officially called the United Mexican States!)

My guests this week are two former-colleagues, Brenda Lopez and David Palma.

Brenda is a science educator who has lived in the US over 20 years and has joint US - Mexican citizenship. After many years in Chicago she is now based in California.

David is a sociologist living in Mexico City. He is a researcher on a project that explores water accessibility and trust among working class neighborhoods in CDMX, that brings together Mexican and US researchers in anthropology, public health, and engineering.

This conversation is divided into three parts, so be sure to check back next week to hear the rest.

While discussing the difference between how Mexico and the US think about the division of power between the states and the federal government, we try - and fail - to do the complicated maths necessary to figure out how seats are assigned to the different states in Mexico's Lower Chamber.

It's a fascinating example of a system trying to get the best of both proportional representation and majority rule. Find out whether our guests think it is worth the convoluted effort, given the country's history of corruption so bad dead people really were voting! And then go check out this handy guide from the National Institute for Election's website that gives the real answer.

Mexico has 31 states plus the Ciudad de México (also known as CDMX)


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