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Back from the brink...

Apologies my friends! I have been on an unplanned break for the last few months, after my real life got really, REALLY stressful.

I love doing this project. And I have felt incredibly guilty for the unexplained hiatus: particularly because I conducted not one but two interviews in September, before the proverbial hit the pan, that have still not been edited and shared yet.

But sometimes you have to prioritize.

And as a mental health professional, I'm not ashamed to say that the health and sanity of my family came first.

However! Now that the rest of my life is a little more under control, I am super excited to return to the DEMOCRACY IN... conversation. As we approach the end of this b**ch of a year, I have some exciting episodes in store for you.

Coming soon: Chile and India

If you follow me via a streaming service you may have seen that I posted Part 1 of an interview about DEMOCRACY IN CHILE that I conducted back in September. Alas, I wasn't able to finish editing the rest of that episode until this week. But I will be finally sharing both episodes of that fantastic conversation later today.

I also recorded an interview with a father and daughter team about DEMOCRACY IN INDIA. That has languished on my laptop for over two months, but I hope to have that edited and posted online asap.

In the works: Brazil, Bolivia, and Russia

A pretty damn important election happened in Brazil while I was out of commission. I'm hoping to bring you an episode reflecting on what's next for Brazil, as the losing candidate, Bolsonaro, tries to pull a Trump and refute the results.

Bolivia is a country close to my heart, as the place I first started to question what I thought about how democracies work and "fair" elections are run. I hope to bring you an episode on this interesting Latin American country soon.

And then, to finally leave Latin America, I am trying to set up an episode on DEMOCRACY IN RUSSIA. This is the hardest to organize, because include one guest who currently lives in Russia is potentially very risky. Critiquing, or even talking about, the state of democracy in Russia is inherently dangerous for Russian citizens. While this will make for an interesting conversation on the podcast, the last thing I want to do is put a guest in danger! So watch this space. We may end up going with a slightly different format. Either way, I will try to get Russia included in our series.

Thanks for your patience! And now, back to normal programming...


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